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Why Mini Nubians?

I find the Minis to be the combination of smaller size, great production and lovely personalities!  The color combinations in the two breeds are endless - and while you can't milk color (as the saying goes), but the added color is sure fun to see in the barn!

I am working on the breeding schedule for the Mini Nubians.  Most all the kids are available, as well as some of the adults.  It is always hard every year to make the choices on who stays and who goes, but we need can't keep them all!

A few of past year's Kids

Etta & her Twins

Etta x Freddy Twins

Born May 16, 2018 Etta had a lovely set of Buck/Doe Twins!

Raven & her Twins

Raven x Davey Twins


Born May 11th, Twin Bucklings!  They may be polled as Dad is polled.

Vette's Boy

Buckling sunning himself on the patio...