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For sale

Yearlings, two year olds and adult Does Available.  All are currently open and ready to breed anytime.  I will have at least one  doe in milk available in 2023, and will be taking reservations for them.  .  I am also putting several of the open girls in with well matched bucks to see if we can get some does bred for fall.  Most of those girls will be available.  I am willing to bred the doe of your choice to one of my boys if I have a suitable buck, but do require a non-refundable deposit to do so.  If you buy a doe as a bred doe and she does not take, I will offer a repeat breeding to the buck of your choice, providing she has not been around any untested animals or has been retested after the exposure.

Available Wethers and retired does will be listed on this page, and breeding animals on the two breed pages.   If you are just looking for a pet Wethers or retired does really are the best.  Pet only animals are $100 each, with discounts for purchasing more than one.

If you are interested in yearlings or older breeding stock, please look at the links for the breeds for a list of who we currently have available.  For kids, there are several lovely doelings available, including some from earlier this year.  We have one Nigerian Buck available, all other boys will go as wethers.  Breeding quality animals are all registered with either ADGA, MDGR or TMGR.  The price range is $200 to $500 depending on conformation, quality and pedigree.

I am working hard on building and updating this site, so there are many does that are not on here.   There are about a dozen for sale as I am trying to wean my numbers way back.  All have great pedigrees, some have blue eyes and I have some polled Mini Nubians available.  

Herd was tested with the WADDL Bio Security Panel in 2021, all clear.

available wethers born 2022

We have three Nigerian boys born late September this year,  and one summer wether with a touch of Mini Nubian.  Also available is a yearling Mini Nubian, listed below..
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