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Kids and kidding schedule

Nothing is much more entertaining and cute than babies!  And Goat Kids certainly are on that list.  This year we bred just about everyone so that we can evaluate what we have.  We will be selling does in milk, a couple dry does and just about all the kids

Most of the boys will go as wethers, and will be priced at $100

Breeding animals go for $250 to $500 depending on quality, pedigree and potential.  All will be registered, tattooed and disbudded before leaving.  

At least 3-5 Nigerians in milk will be available, possibly with one or more of their kids if desired.  Please inquire if interested in any of them.  We may have one or more Mini Nubian available in milk - that will depend on what we decide to keep out of the kids.

We will give discounts for multiple animals (Kids or adults) purchased at one time.

We last tested our Herd with the WADDL panel in July of 2019, and all new animals we have added (bucks) have come from tested herds.  We will test again this Spring/Summer just for another reference.  We had the Livestock vet out for Herd Health evaluation and fecal testing (for parasite load) in November of 2020.  We have the Vet out at least once a year, sometimes twice, just to have her evaluate the herd, give us any suggestions for maintenance & care and check to ensure we have all we need on hand for kidding and emergencies.

For the Mini Nubians (MN), we have noted in the table below if they a parent is polled or blue-eyed.  For the Nigerians, many of our does are blue-eyed and all the bucks we used this year have blue eyes.  

We are planning on being on Milk Test this year, so hopefully will have some stars to show at the end of the year.  

Musa x Freddie 
Born March 4 2021; Two Boys
Twilight x Benny
Born March 5 2021; Two Girls, One Boy
Bell x Freddie
Due March 4 2021 
Evie x Rebel
Due March 5, 2021
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