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Reference Nigerian Does


These are some of the goats we have owned or have used in our breeding program.  We post them here for easy reference both for our research and for anyone looking at our goats.

 Caprinos RI Perfect Angel (Shortround)

DOB: 03/25/11      
Color: White w/ brown markings      
Eyes: Brown
Horn Info: Disbudded        


Sire- Pholia Farm KM Riot +*B
Sires Sire-Kaapio Acres RB Moonstruck *S +B 
Sires Dam- QSF Here’s A Riddle 2*D/*M AR (2005 Top 10 ADGA Doe)

Dam- Caprinos TMM Magnificent 
Dams Sire- Sugar Creek MT Tell Me More (VEE 89, 2x ADGA GCH, 2x ADGA BOB, 1x ADGA Rsv GCH)
Dams Dam- Wood Bridge Farm Vanity Fair (VVE+ 86)

Doe - Caprikoda's Freedom in Christ (Christy)

DOB: 4/16/08     
ADGA: D1467525    

AGS: D-49773     
Horn Info: Disbudded     
Height: 23″


SireCamanna RHB Praise the Lord #D25265
Sires Sire- Twin Creeks RA Red Hot N Blue  1x AGS GCH #D16214
Sires Dam- GCH Domingo Dakota Wind 1*M  #D1335592

Dam- Medallion Ridge Tri Liberty #D25265
Dams Sire- D&D Tiny Toes MB Triumph #D1323176
Dams Dam- D&D Tiny Toes MD Supreme #D1323081

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