Our Mini Nubian Bucks


Proverbs 31 TC Freddie Mercury

DOB:  06/23/2016

Male, F4
Color: White over Black & Tan   
Eyes:  Brown
MDGA: AMN08104
Horn Info: Disbudded         



Sire Paradise Rhinestone Cowboy
Sires Sire-  Paradise Punk
Sires Dam-  Paradise Venus

Dam-  Little Angels Farm Tasha Tudor
Dams Sire-  Cornerstone Farm Galaxy
Dams Dam-  Moonstone P Phoebe

Soaring Hearts Dr. David RN

DOB:  03/24/2017

Male, F2
Color:  Blue Roan with white markings 
Eyes:  Brown
MDGA: XN06651p
Horn Info:  Polled       


Sire- Too Little Doe SS Powder  
Sires Sire-  Wildmntcountry Snowstorm 
Sires Dam-  Too Little Doe MD Puddles

Dam-  Soaring Hearts Florence Nightengale
Dams Sire- FMCH Echo Hills Rio Bravo *B  
Dams Dam- The TRTR Rudy's Velvet. 

Proverbs 31 Rebel Just 4 Kix

DOB:  03/24/2020

Male, F4
Color: White over Black & Tan   
Eyes:  Brown
Horn Info: Polled        



Sire Pilchuck Pointe Mo Money
Sires Sire-   
Sires Dam-   

Dam- Delica's Elle Sweet Brie de Meaux
Dams Sire-   
Dams Dam-   

Reference Bucks

*B Soaring Hearts Colorado Ryan

DOB:   04/18/2011

F6 - Purebred Mini Nubian Buck 
Color:   Black, white patch on side, frosted ears   
Eyes:  Brown
Horn Info:  Disbudded       


Sire Echo Hills Rio Bravo *B
Sires Sire-  Echo Hills Cracker Jack
Sires Dam-  Echo Hills Sierra Sarah

Dam-  Echo Hills Lady Grace *P
Dams Sire- FCH Echo Hills Sinbad  
Dams Dam-  Echo Hills Nakita

Latte Bella Rainier

DOB: 03/28/2013  

Male - F4
Color:  Chamoise w/ frosted ears 
Eyes:  Brown
MDGA: AMN03264
Horn Info:    Disbudded    


Sire Moonstone B Rufus
Sires Sire-  Conerstone Farm Bakari
Sires Dam-  Caldwell Creek's Camille

Dam-  Moonstone SF Sharae
Dams Sire-  Echohills Sir Fredrick *B
Dams Dam-  Moonstone M Zoey

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